Ready Mix Plaster Supplier

Ready Mix Plaster

Superior Finish & Longevity

A mix of high quality polymer additives and binders.

Ready Mixed Plaster for Walls

Ready Mix Plaster

Magna manufactures high quality ready mix plaster that satisfies the customer requirements for instant wall plastering. Plastering of the building structure plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetic appearance. The plaster ready mix is made of the right mixture of cement, fine graded sand, polymers, accelerators and binding agents.

As like conventional plastering, the plaster provides the same physical and chemical properties to make the best plastering work. At present, ready plaster is highly preferred as it reduces the construction time involved in the mixing of construction materials on-site. Hence, the project completion is faster and more reliable.

Ready mix plaster is suitable for walls constructed with concrete, clay bricks and blocks walls. The plaster for wall from Magna saves you operational time and labour cost. Our ready mix is suitable for single and multi-layer plastering. The mix undergoes various quality checks to ensure consistency and durability are maintained throughout the life of the building.

The setting time of the ready plaster is short and it requires less water quantity to induce the chemical reaction in the mix. The building material is easy to mix, use and handle. As the mix comes with the right blending and proportion of materials, thereby eliminating the requirement of skilled labour and extra care for making the plastering mix efficient.

  • Saves time
    Saves time
  • Minimum cracks
    Minimum cracks
  • Minimum wastage
    Minimum wastage
  • Premixed
  • Hassle free
    Hassle free
Maximum Aggregate Size 2.5mm Max
Bulk Density 1.7-1.8 Kg/l
Silt Content in Sand < 1%
Soundness 0.05%
Storage 6 months from the date of manufacturing
Coverage 0.23 - 0.30 kg/mm/sq.ft.
Compressive Strength More than 8 Mpa in 28 days
Curing 5 - 7 days
Pot life 1 - 2 hrs
Water Demand Mix 9 - 11 litres for 50 kg Bag
Appearance Greyish powder

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